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Great Experience with My Lawyer

Posted by Ruben
Kevin Collins is a lifesaver in my years of having him as my attorney and would highly recommend him. Around 1997 I was charged with a DWI and my first time that I needed a lawyer so Kevin was referred to me by a friend which was one of the best decisions in my life. He defended me in court and the case was dismissed. This year I was charged with a criminal offense and once again Kevin with his expertise came through for me and the case was dismissed, did not have to go to court.

Excellent lawyer

Posted by Crystal Dees
Well informed about the new laws always on time. He is knowledgeable about your case and what is going on. He will never make promises outside his reach I believe in him and felt comfortable that he always had my bet interest in mind. He has always fought hard and fair on my behalf.

Great attorney

Posted by Stephanie
Kevin was extremely knowledgeable during my case. He was responsive to my questions and went above and beyond to ensure that I knew exactly what was going on with the case. He made me feel as if I was the only case he was working on. In addition, he was supportive during the case and ensured we had everything we needed the day of court.

Felony? What felony?

Posted by Tom
I was charged with a felony, and the facts of my case were very easily the type that could be twisted to support a bad story about me. The ultimate outcome of my case was a dismissal, and Mr. Collins was instrumental in securing that result.

The best lawyers do not need to take copious amounts of their clients’ time, and Mr. Collins is one of those. When he calls you in, the process is efficient, and he knows what he needs to get from you or relay to you.

Efficiency is the name of the game with Collins – his office support staff is excellent. Either he or his staff will keep you informed the moment things happen on your case.

Collins is personable, and he’s not going to distort the truth. You get what you pay for, and he’s worth every penny – he’s not afraid to go to trial, and he’s Board Certified for Criminal and Juvenile law. The fact that he’s willing to go to trial only works in your favor – even if all you seek is a plea bargain, he will get you the best one possible.

Last, but not least, Collins uses technology in the courtroom. In an age where visuals and charisma are essential elements in a courtroom trial, Collins knows how to tell a story, and make it look believable/memorable as well. Collins will bring in a projector, and make his case on your behalf while the losing attorney is still getting high off his dry erase markers. Ask yourself – which side would you rather be on? The guy who looks sharp, gets along well with the jury, and presents professionally – or the other guy?

Got a criminal matter? Don’t say a word to the police (or anyone for that matter) until you’ve called Kevin Collins. Do it now.


Posted by Anonymous
I would highly recommend Kevin Collins to anyone who is in need of a lawyer,or just seeking legal advice. He will help you in anyway he can. And also has a big heart. Like many people before me he also got my case dismissed. Very satisfied.

Best In Texas…Well Worth the Representation…

Posted by Angelica
Kevin has been my attorney for over 16 years. I highly recommend him.He has kept me from harms way and has remarkable results.”DISMISSAL GALORE.”HE is WONDERFUL and is greatly appreciated.

Kevin Collins is my HERO!

Posted by Marcos
I was acquitted from a DWI charge ONLY because Kevin defended me. His intelligent questioning, quick thinking, and superior knowledge of the law, is the reason justice prevailed. He methodically dissected the prosecutions case from start to finish.

In my first case i was detained, asked to perform a field sobriety test, questioned then arrested. I refused to provide the breath test, and the (Unconstitutional) Blood draw was not yet implemented (it was 2002). There were two officers present during my arrest. This case went to trial in 2003 and through Kevin’s expertise I was acquitted of this charge. I never thought I’d be sitting in a court room as a defendant. Once I saw Kevin Collins in action, I was quickly relieved of the nervousness and worry. I hired the right man for my defense. He knows the law, and thinks on his feet. You may relate to the feeling of “I wish I’d have said this” after a conversation. I feel Kevin possess a skill to know what to say what to ask, and when to say and ask it.

In August 2012 while driving a friend home at 12 a.m. I was pulled over for driving 15 mph slower than the posted speed. I was honest with the officer about my alcohol consumption because I felt no way am I intoxicated. I submitted to his request of a field sobriety test, he said he needed to call a DUI task force officer. Again I performed the test for this officer. Though I was to nervous to realize it then, In my opinion they were waiting for my blood alcohol level to increase. The DUI task force officer made the decision to arrest me. Once in jail he asked if I’d supply a breath sample, feeling I had nothing to hide I agreed. The breath analyzer read unable to read. he blamed me for its malfunction.(?) Then asked if I’d agree to provide a blood specimen. Feeling his aggression towards me, I told him I feel I have cooperated fully and would not voluntarily provide this. He informed me he’d get a warrant and do it forcibly. I reminded him of the two field tests and its not my fault their breath machine malfunctioned. he proceeded to acquire the warrant, then had a nurse take my blood.

Kevin represented me in the A.L.R. hearing (weather or not my D.L. would be revoked, or suspended) Happy to say the judge rule in our favor! I have a D.L. today. The Pretrial services (which in other counties is not a burden on tax payers but the responsibility of the Bail bonds company) attempted to force me to submit a urinalysis monthly. Kevin challenged their ruling to the judge, and I gave no samples after that. When it was time for a trial Kevin presented the judge with rules, facts, and law, and my case was DISMISSED!

He and his team kept me well informed of what was going on, what was going to happen, and how they planned to defending me.

I have no doubt in my mind he is among the BEST Defense Attorneys in Texas. I feel his fees were very reasonable, and it was money well spent. I proudly given out his business card to my friends and family. He is honest, and hard working. Word cannot describe the gratitude my family and I have for him.

Thank you for reading this, i hope this helps you. It’s hard to know who to trust with your defense. I’m submitting this review because I want everyone to know Kevin Collins is trustworthy. I also want Kevin to know how much his services mean to me and my family. My wife and two teenage kids lives would have been much more difficult, as I’ve been the sole provider while putting my wife through college at U.T.S.A. My son graduated this year and is taking the A.S.V.A.B test for the Air force. My daughter is a Junior in H.S. With the laws what they are I never plan to drink again. However if I’m detained I will not give any evidence, I’m not afraid of being arrested. If ever threatened with the choice of “do this and we may let you go, don’t and we will take you in” I will choose to “not do”, then calmly call Kevin. Thank you!

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"Kevin was extremely knowledgeable during my case. He was responsive to my questions and went above and beyond to ensure that I knew exactly what was going on with the case." Read More
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